This season, Cordova went back to the essence of skiing - the exhilaration that comes from being in nature, getting lost in the epic beauty of our planet, and the adrenaline rush of the sport. Our collection is bold and thrilling with moments that are comforting and sentimental.

— Jane Seim, Creative Director & Co-Founder

Our Story

Cordova was imagined on the slopes of Sun Valley, Idaho, where Co-Founders Jane and Cody Seim call home. As Creative Director, Jane designs imaginative, tailored ski and après ski ensembles for women who boldly delight in the thrill of the descent without sacrificing style and performance.

Social and environmental responsibility are the core of Cordova’s ethos. We understand the impact our industry has on winter environments that are dear to our hearts. We’re committed to protecting those places by ensuring each garment is made ethically, and that our environmental impact is minimized at every step of the supply chain.