About Us


Our Mission

At Cordova, we believe that life is about seeking penultimate beauty and adventure. Our craft is designing tailored ski and après ski apparel for women who boldly seek altitude, delight in the thrill of the descent and relish in mountain leisure without sacrificing style and glamour. Our designs are reflections of the women who wear them - inspired, timeless, and confident. 

Cordova is grateful for the snowy environments that bring about our wildest imaginations and greatest adventures. We believe that preserving these environments means preserving the opportunity to enjoy the moments we spend in them. Cordova’s engineered textiles are BlueSign certified; our fabric and trims are responsibly sourced. Cordova and the partners that help bring our designs to life, strive to create a better, more adventurous, future for generations to come.


The Story

The concept for Cordova was imagined on the slopes of Sun Valley, Idaho, in 2014 where Creative Director & Founder Jane Seim, and Co-Founder, Cody Seim were married one snowy evening at the iconic, Roundhouse Lodge. For Jane and Cody, the mountains had always represented a sense of escapism, freedom, and creativity. During the winter months, they ascend into the snow covered mountains every weekend to lose themselves in crystal snow fields and snow ghost evergreens. 

Out of a desire for a more imaginative and tailored ski costume, Jane began experimenting with her own ski ensembles - incorporating texture and print that drew the attention of fellow skiers. Over the course of the following year, Jane studied the history of ski fashion, traveling to industry fashion shows in Europe and North America, collecting modern fabric and trims with nostalgic undertones. Working together with her husband, Cody and a small team of brilliant women, they brought Cordova to life. Cordova’s first collection launched Winter of 2016/17 and has since been at the cutting-edge of luxury, innovation, and sustainability.


Behind the Name 'Cordova'
Overlooking the little town of Cordova, Alaska, the birthplace of my mother and oldest sister, Erika, is a mountain called Eccles. When the snow melts every summer, a patch of snow remains in the shape of a woman dancing in a long dress. The locals refer to her as ‘The Lady on the Mountain’. When my mother was a child growing up in Cordova, she was convinced that one day she would know the lady on the mountain.
After Erika, my oldest sister, passed away on a mountain side in Colorado one snowy night in 1998, my mother looked upon the lady on the mountain and thought perhaps, it was her daughter all along. Erika was a free-spirited, wild hearted, lover of the mountains. In essence, our name and logo embodies that story and in many ways, is a tribute to some of the most powerful and inspiring women in my life.

- Jane Alexandra Seim


Modern Slavery Statement

Cordova is committed to maintaining high ethical standards, protecting human rights and active with honesty and integrity in everything we do. We do not tolerate any form of modern slavery, forced labour or human trafficking in any part of our business or supply chain.